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Special containers for detonators- Safety first

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Society VASSALE R S.r.l. has been established in 1998 by Admiral (Rtd) Roberto VASSALE that spent all his carrier in the Special Assault Group of Italian Navy, see his curriculum in attached.
The main aims of Society are: to study and development project of equipment connected with explosives,to give advice in sector of explosives, to train people of industries in the explosives sector (as,for instance: OTO Melara, the most italian important manufacture of guns and armoured track; MBDA, the same in the missiles sector; and others minor industries in order to know how the explosive is made up, the effect of explosions and the safety rules)..(click here).

VAS 1E - 6 kg explosives

VAS 3 - 12 detonators

VAS 5 - 6 detonators

VAS 6 - 8 detonators

VAS 7 - 3 detontors

VAS 8 - 80 detonators

VAS 10 - 25 detonators

VAS 11 - 600 gr explosive deflagrant 

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What we do

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